CT Brain Injury Support Network, (CTBISN) provides information, support, education and advocacy for brain injury survivors, loved ones and families. CTBISN is a non-profit organization founded by families, Brain Injury Survivors, loved ones, supporters and professionals when a significant crisis occurred in CT and sweeping changes to the services brain injury survivors receive, was proposed by the Department of Social Services.  Families, survivors, loved ones, providers and supporters joined together and formed the only organization in CT to give a strong voice to those who so desperately need it.


Our experienced advocates know first hand what families and survivors go through, and how hard the journey can be when a loved one suffers a brain injury. CTBISN offers individual advocacy, education and guidance, whether you are applying/searching for services, or need help and information when manuevering through the complex system of potential services.  When survivors and loved ones need support and information about health care services and community services/programs, we can help. CTBISN is THE resource for information, support and advocacy regarding ABI Waiver I and ABI Waiver II as well and Money Follows the Person Grant.


CT Brain Injury Support Network is committed to educating and increasing awareness of brain injury, known as the "invisible injury",  We understand how brain injury impacts an individual, loved ones and family members, and how different each injury can be.  We strive to increase services and support for survivors as well as increased awareness and prevention of head injuries and concussions in the future.


CTBISN Advocates are experienced crisis resolution specialists and have a strong network of professionals who can assist survivors, families and loved ones when crisis occur.  Our advocates attend Team and Service Planning Meetings for brain injury survivors to help facilitate access to services, improvement of services, or changes in services, as needed.  


CTBISN has made a significant impact in increasing awareness of brain injury in CT. Due to legislative advocacy efforts,  a number of State Senators and Representatives, in strong support of brain injury survivors, have become members of CTBISN.  A Legislative effort was made in opposition to ABI Waiver II, although the Waiver passed, the most egregious proposals were soundly defeated.  In addition, due to the efforts of CTBISN, a new bill in support of ABI Waiver I was passed and an Advisory Committee formed to keep Legislators informed of the impact of Waiver II, as well as any other appropriate issues as needed.   


Together, we CAN make a difference!  Please join us!


Many brain injury survivors, families and loved ones face great struggles, for this reason, CTBISN membership and services are always free!


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