To Whom It may Concern, 


On behalf of the entire Matt family, we would like to acknowledge our assistance from Ct Brain Injury Support Network (CTBISN) and the assistance they provided our family and our brother who is a brain injury survivor.


Our brother, Tracy, was under the 24 hour care of an agency in CT, their unprofessionalism and lack of care landed our brother in a dire situation as service was abruptly terminated with only a 30 day notice.  We were appalled and devastated that we were expected to identify a new agency and staff and possibly relocate our brother within a very unrealistic timeframe. This was a reckless and unsafe situation for any brain injury survivor to endure.


In our opinion, Elaine Burns at CTBISN was truly an angel from above who assisted us through a very traumatic time.  CT Brain Injury Support Network (CTBISN) was referred to us when we were told that CTBISN had the right people, knowledge and expertise to guide us through what had the potential to be a complete crisis.


Elaine listened to our dire situation with patience and a true sense of what we were experiencing.  She was a wealth of information and power, knowing who to contact and how to stand up for Tracy's rights.  She and CTBISN went above and beyond to engage in our conference calls with Dept. of Social Services, which were long and confusing to us, but we were helped to understand what needed to be done.  She poured her heart and soul into assisting us each day as the clock ticked away its 30 day notice.  Very thankfully, Elaine knew the appropriate powerful political heads to engage and put on notice that this termination was a disgrace and needed attention and she understood and knew exactly what our family was experiencing.  


She was calm when we felt unraveled and exhausted.  She was filled with direction and had a plan when we had lost our way in the bureaucracy of the state.  Elaine and Ct Brain Injury Support Network are the very reason our brother remained safe and unaware of the unfair and critical position he had the potential to be left in.  The reality was that we had 30 short days to either get an extension for services or to identify a new agency and staff for Tracy or...he would be out on the street!  CTBISN was successful bringing our case to the forefront of Dept. of Social Services and those that could help. Because of CTBISN, we were granted an extra 30 days to safely transition Tracy to a professional and compassionate new agency and she was very supportive and knowledgeable helping this new relationship get off the ground.  She also took the time to speak with the owner numerous times to assist and inform him so that the transition could be smooth and safe. 


I would like to note that our family also contacted other organizations and the CT Office of Protection and Advocacy.  Unfortunately, that route was unsuccessful and ineffective in providing our family with advocacy or direction when we needed it most.  Upon hearing that CTBISN had been successful in assisting us with the extension we so desperately needed, they simply wished us well when we were far from being out of crisis.


CTBISN stayed with our family through the critical transition for our brother Tracy, making sure his safety and services were continued.  CTBISN was not a fair weather advocate and was by our side...and continues to be.


Our family cannot stress highly enough the importance of an organizations like CTBISN to counsel and be the necessary advocate for families.  We are grateful, beyond belief, that we were guided to them and absolutely know our situation would have fallen on deaf ears had we not had the assistance and education from CTBISN.

Please feel completely free to call me should you wish to have a personal conversation about our experience...but be sure you have about an hour to chat with me!



Francee Quinlan (Sister of Tracy Matt - Survivor) 




(Note from CTBISN - Francee Quinlan is more than happy to talk about her experience with CTBISN - please contact CTBISN if you would like her contact information)