Thank You CTBISN!



I want to thank you and CTBISN for your tireless efforts in helping restore my son’s services through the ABI Waiver. The way Department of Social Services abruptly and unjustifiably severed my son’s services, after 8 years, was nothing short of disgusting and possibly illegal.  I felt powerless to fight back although I tried.  It wasn’t until I found your organization that I started to feel hope. It was a bitter battle, and we won !  I just received his service plan for the next year ! I could have never done this alone. EVER.


I also want to thank CTBISN for helping us understand the changes that were proposed to the current ABI program.  CTBISN held Department of Social Services “feet to the fire” and sent a strong message that we will no longer tolerate their shoddy and arbitrary treatment of the families who only want one thing; their loved ones to remain in their community.  A brain injury doesn’t render someone useless, and families and survivors need compassion and support to do a job that most of us can’t do alone.  My son has a young daughter and institutionalizing him would have robbed him the pleasure of seeing her grow up and the ability to interact with her outside a hospital setting.  That is priceless. 


I am humbled by your relentless passion and your support of others who desperately need someone to help them navigate a State run program.  The best thing I’ve ever done is join CT Brain Injury Support Network !!



Jaye LaPointe