Dear Elaine,


I want to thank CTBISN and you personally for your assistance in restoring my client’s services through the Brain Waiver program.  My client was in crisis after DSS abruptly terminated his services; subsequently he was depressed and felt hopeless and worthless.  To be severed from a client you’ve provided services to for years without warning was a blow to my agency and to me personally.  I witnessed the family of this client almost fall to pieces trying to pick up where I left off.  What was most alarming, DSS did not once contact me before they decided he didn’t meet the criteria to warrant services!   How can DSS justify this type of action and not once talk to the person(s) providing services?  It’s unconscionable and unprofessional to say the very least. 


Joining CT Brain Injury Support Network was like coming home.  Home to the people who care deeply about the survivors and their families as much as I do. Watching your efforts at the legislative meetings was a sight to see.  CTBISN members and their loved ones were being heard for what seemed like the very first time.  Legislators were clearly affected by the testimonials of the survivors themselves.  My client attended and he said it was the first time in ten years that he felt lawmakers were listening and empathetic to his disability.


Because of CTBISN, my client’s services were recently restored.  Now I can do what is my calling – inspire my clients to never give up and to realize that there are people who care.  I can’t thank you enough for the information you’ve cascaded down to me over the last few months. I now have a resource that will directly benefit my clients. You certainly proved there is power in numbers! You are powerful, a breath of fresh air and You and CTBISN SAVES LIVES. Thanks again, for ALL that CTBISN does and YOU ARE AN AMAZING ADVOCATE!!!



God Bless, Melanie